Dupage County Sheriff's Office Crime Stoppers


Crime Stoppers is a program separate from the emergency telephone number 911 system and allows a member of the community to provide anonymous information about criminal activity, without the fear of reprisal, apathy or reluctance to get involved. It thereby allows the person to provide crime solving assistance to the authorities without being directly involved in the investigation process. The DuPage County Crime Stoppers are a resource of the local Law Enforcement Departments, the FBI and the US Marshals Service. Law Enforcement cannot solve all the crimes on their own, forensic science and investigative skills are vital, along with information from the public. Crime Stoppers recognizes that someone other than criminals may have information about crime. The program provides anonymity (callers are given a code number instead of being asked for their name and calls are not traced or recorded) and pays rewards when their information leads to a felony arrest and/or conviction.  Crime Stoppers a telephone (1-800-222-TIPS) number to encourage citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime.